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Our most popular program, specially designed for individuals looking to prevent or reverse lifestyle diseases.It is an affordable, accessible and scalable solution which can be performed at home.

  • Home: At home, affordable, accessible and scalable solution to reverse lifestyle diseases. Priced at $29.99 per month
  • Sports: Remote Strength and conditioning program for professional athletes. Priced $59.99 per month
  • Personal: Personalized strength and conditioning program aimed at improving athletic performance. Starting priced at $149 per month

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 Coaches Development

We are passionate about coaching and developing coaches is at the core of our organization. This program is for you if you see yourself as a fitness coach wanting to create an impact to better the lives of others.

  • Trainer’s Internship - Designed for aspiring trainers to give them the necessary knowledge, tools and mentorship to become a successful trainers in Crossfit.
  • Trainer’s Development - Designed to enhance knowledge and coaching skills under the supervision and mentorship of our experienced staff.
  • Coaches Development Program - Coming Soon

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 Virtual Business Assistance

This is for you if you are a fitness business looking to achieve operational excellence and outsource mundane work while you sleep!

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Why Are Dips Harder Than Push-Ups?

  Introduction   When it comes to bodyweight exercises, dips and push-ups are two of the most common movements. Both are effective for targeting the chest, shoulders, and triceps, but many find dips to be significantly more challenging than push-ups. In this blog post, we'll explore why that is and discuss how to make dips easier.   Why Are Dips...

Do Squats Work Your Hamstrings and Calves?

  Intro   Do squats work your hamstrings and calves? This is a question many gym-goers have asked. Squats are a popular exercise for building leg strength, but many people don't know if they can target specific muscles in the legs. In this blog post, we'll explore how squats affect the hamstrings and calves and whether they can be used...

Why Do We Lose Fitness So Easily?

  Introduction   Getting and staying fit is no easy task. We may find ourselves motivated and exercising regularly, only to lose that motivation and see our fitness goals slip away. But why do we lose fitness so easily? In this blog post, we'll explore the causes and potential solutions to this common problem.   Loss of Motivation   It's...

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