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Our mission is to build an affordable, accessible and universally scalable solution for all kinds of lifestyle diseases which affect more than a billion people worldwide. Our vision is to build a lifestyle disease-free world for the next generation.

Persistence athletics was founded in March 2018 to march towards our vision. The leadership team of Persistence athletics is committed to the mission of fighting chronic diseases. We work every day to ensure that our future generation will be immune to lifestyle diseases.

Our core values(Our mindset)

Our core values help us live our mission every day, it helps us create a sustainable roadmap toward our vision, which inspires our team every day. They keep us motivated and focused on our task. Our core value defines who we are which we represent in four pillars –

Our core values

  • Be Persistent – Act today, Quit tomorrow
  • Be Brave – Fail Often
  • Consistent – Do what you say
  • Humble – Teachable and coachable. Be 1% Better everyday.
  • Be Persistent – Persistence means continuing on a course of action in spite of difficulty, which is the mindset we needed to find the solution to the world’s most vexing problem – lifestyle disease. Every member of our team believes that an affordable, accessible, and scalable solution is possible if we persist. We live our core values every day with act today, Quit tomorrow’s mindset.
  • Be Brave – We believe trying often, and learning from our experience is key to progress. We practice being brave every day by allowing ourselves to fail often. We see failure as feedback to improve.
  • Be Consistent – Being able to do what we say is one of the most important qualities our team demonstrates. We believe in doing less better, and we always do what we say.
  • Be Humble – Knowledge is the only way to find answers, and we believe learning is the lifetime act! We practice this mindset by trying to be 1% better every day.

Philosophy and Methodology

Lifestyle diseases are caused by lifestyle choices, which means healthy and favorable lifestyle choices will lead to a reversal as well as a complete cure for the disease. The solution sounds so simple; however, simple does not mean easy!!

This is one of the most challenging problems and going to cost trillions of dollars to the world economy.

We decided to approach the problem by first understanding the definition of health. We found a descriptive definition, which was the “absence of illness or injury”; however, our focus was to see a meaning that can be measurable, observable, and repeatable.

We found the answer in the form of Work capacity across broad time and modal domains throughout the lifetime, which was first introduced by Glassman, founder of CrossFit Inc in 2002.

We can measure our work capacity with time on one axis and power on the other. It will give us a curve across multiple domains and time. The area under the curve is work capacity, also called fitness. And fitness across a lifetime can be defined as health.

So what do we need to stay fit or healthy?? “Eating real food in the right quantity and doing constantly varied functional movement at relative high intensity.”

We are a team of CrossFit trainers and coaches who are using world-class education and resources developed by CrossFit Inc and Precision Nutrition to build an affordable, accessible, and scalable solution. We call our movement – Simplifying Health.

Our Team

  • Ravikant Dewangan

    Ravikant Dewangan

    US and IN - Co-Founder and CEO

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  • Vidya Dewangan

    Vidya Dewangan

    US and IN - COO

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  • Jacqueline Dewangan

    Jacqueline Dewangan

    US and IN - Co-Founder and Managing Director

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