What happens when you track your workout results?

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 Do you see yourself progressing when you do the burpees or squat or any other movement? How’s your health looks like today as compared to 3 months ago or let’s say before PA program & coaching?


If you haven’t started noticing then this is the time you start doing it. We recommend you to start noting down your workout of the day score. For instance, how many rounds you have got, how much time did you take to finish any particular WOD, how much weight you deadlift or pressed, etc. This not only helps you monitor your progress but gives you the confidence of moving towards the goal.


And remember our mantra for good health i.e.:

Doing constantly varied high-intensity functional movements coupled with meat and plant protein, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar—prepares you for the demands of a healthy life. 


PA Home WOD Briefing



For time:

21 body-weight back squats 

7 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope OR Perry pull

15 body-weight back squats

5 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope OR Perry pull

9 body-weight back squats

3 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope OR Perry pull


Note: Use moderate to heavyweight for Back squat. If you don’t have a barbell, use moderate to heavy DB or backpack to do the squat

The goal for this workout: Put a 15 min time cap (goal would be to finish within 10-12 min)



You can scale down the workout to your ability, a good option would be to reduce the number of reps or scale down the movement.

Spend 10 to 15 with a warm-up, Follow below sequence 

2 rounds of:

10 Ankle flex & rotations

10 Single under drill (each)

10 Banded pull apart (Slow & controlled)

10 Banded row (Slow & controlled)

10 Air squat

10 toe-touches

10 Rocking ankle (per leg)



Spend 10 min with Cool Down, follow below sequence 

1 min paddling 

30-sec shoulder banded pull

1 min spider lunge on a chair 

1 min pigeon pose



This is an example of our Workout of the day of this week. We provide a DAILY Workout of the day with Warm-up and Cooldown. Our daily training programs come with a video of each section as well as a coach’s briefing to help you scale the workout appropriately to your level. 


We deliver all of our products and services via phone 📲. All you need is a smartphone. You can experience PA Coaching by subscribing :



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