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Are you over-processing your fitness?

Getting bogged down in details? Remember to keep exercise simple.


We talk about the whole vs. processed foods.

But what about whole vs. processed fitness?


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of fitness media and advice out there. Type “exercise” into Google and you’ll get scorched with the information blast.

It can seem like there are so many things to remember. So many conflicting ideas. So many details!


Choose “unprocessed exercise”

Keep movement simple and “unprocessed”. (And fun!)

That means no “wondering and worrying” about things like:


  • What if everyone is stronger than me?
  • I did 7 reps instead of 8. Did I waste my workout?
  • Am I going too slowly?
  • Is activity X better cardio than activity Y?
  • Should I be “feeling the burn” in my upper inner pecs when I do this?
  • What the heck is upper inner pecs anyway?


Don’t over-think. Don’t over-analyze.


Just do it. (Nike had it right.)

Your body already knows how to move.

It’s been moving you since before you were born.

Trust it.

Don’t worry about exact rep numbers, what So-and-So Internet Expert says, or which parts are sore the next day. (If you’re a die-hard fitness information junkie, we have one question for you: How’s that working for ya?)


There is no Magic Workout Plan.

What’s most important is that you get moving and stay moving as often, as diversely, and as intensely as you can.


What to focus on

1. Do what you can with what you have.

Just move, as often as you can, in any way you can.


2. Move as often as possible.

Be as consistent as you can with your regular exercise program (if you have one), and try to get little daily-life movements too, like taking the stairs or putting some extra energy into housework.


3. Make your exercise fit YOU.

Do the activities you enjoy. Adjust them to accommodate your fitness level, injuries, etc. Go at your own pace.


4. Something is always better than nothing.

Even if you can’t do a full workout, a few minutes of movement is still better than zero.


5. Focus on moving well.

Learn about how to exercise properly — get help from a trainer and/or read up on what you’re doing. Practice. Master good technique before you make things harder.


6. Use the equipment you have available to you.

If you don’t have the perfect setup, improvise. If you have two working legs and ground, you can walk. If you have a heavy thing, you have a weight you can lift.


7. Keep it fun.

Whether you love bowling, ballroom dancing, dodgeball, or competitive cup stacking…just get moving. This is your time to do something good for your body.


Your exercise is your time.

What to do today


Ask yourself: Am I over-processing my workouts?

Do a check for “information overload” and “wondering and worrying”.

Get back to basics.

Focus on consistent, quality movement and putting in your best effort. Let the rest take care of itself.

Have Fun!!


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