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Basic workout equipment you need at home!

Let’s talk about the basic equipment that you need to work out at home.



Frankly, you don’t need anything to start with. Any equipment is just a fancy tool to keep you motivated. As we always say your age, weight, current health situation does not matter at all to start your fitness journey.


Okay enough talking, let’s dig in into the list:


1.A couple of pairs of dumbbells.

You can either buy just one pair of 10 lb dumbbells or you can buy the adjustable one so that you can use it as per the workout.


2. A box or strong stool 

The box can be either a wooden one or made of steel with a secure 4 leg frame. You can also buy the Plyo Foam one based upon availability.



3. Jump rope.

Jump rope can be thicker or thinner as per your choice. If you prefer to do only single under then any rope is suitable. For learning and mastering the double under, a thinner rope will be more efficient.



4.Resistance bands.

We recommend buying the resistance band in multiple thicknesses. Small and medium sizes would be more suitable and useful for your workouts.


That’s it! 


Now the question is, when do you know you should buy these all fancy tools? You will automatically know as your fitness improves after doing your foundation exercise. On average, it might take 2-3 months.


We recommend our athletes to consult with us before making any purchase so that they can avoid spending money on low-quality equipment.


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