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How many Burpees can you do in 3 min ?

We are excited about this week’s challenge. Take this opportunity to find your 3 minutes personal record for one of the most challenging cardio movement Burpees.


We want each of you to test max rep burpee in 3 min and record your score for this challenge. The purpose of this test is not only to check your power output but also to test your work capacity across 3 minutes domain. We will re-run this test a month later to compare your score and see how much your work capacity has increased or decreased. This test will help decide if you are moving towards the fitness or sickness continuum. 

Before performing this challenge make sure to watch the demo video & choose your level of the burpee and just do it:



You would need to log the following :


  • Your body weight.
  • Total Reps and
  • Your body weight.


You will be ranked based on your power output. 


Your average power output will be = (Load*Distance)xReps / 60 sec


You can try as many times as you wish to find the best score you will get with different attempts. Use this link to log your score: Score Login 


As one of our core values is to practice 1% better everyday mindset and we run weekly challenges for our PA community to practice the same. Our  WEEKLY challenge helps to test the work capacity across broad time and modal domain.


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