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CrossFit Group Training!

CrossFit Group Workouts In Banjara Hills



  • Losing weight & getting fit will never be this much fun.
  • Specially designed for busy professionals & housewives.
  • Effective and fun sessions.
  • Experienced CrossFit Trainers and Nutrition Coaches.
  • Vital community and support system.
  • Book your FREE Intro Session today!


Program features:


Tailored For Everyone

Persistence Athletics is bringing effective group classes in the form of CrossFit workout to your city. Our workout programs are modified to an individual’s work capacity within the group. Each training session becomes exciting with new & fun workouts every day so that you can enjoy coming every day.


Great Group Pricing

Get value for your money by paying for a group session. Get a special discount on bringing friends & family when they sign up.


Program That Works For Everyone

All the workouts and intensity levels are adjusted for everyone’s safety. An optimal mix of safe, effective, and efficient movements is what will bring the best out of you!


Supportive And Experienced Coach

At Persistence Athletics, our coaches have a passion for learning and developing their skills consistently. When you begin training, a supportive and experienced coach will teach you how to move and adjust all workouts to your current fitness level. WE have a team of elite coaches that consists of CrossFit Seminar Staff, CrossFit L2 and L1 trainers as well as Precision Nutrition L2 and L1 nutrition coaches.


Community And Facility

You never lose motivation working out in a group session and that is the biggest advantage. You always show up for the classes because you know that your friends will be there for you to cheer you up. What’s more, you have an uncommon training facility located at the heart of the city, consisting of all the equipment needed for world-class CrossFit training.

The group session can be in our facility or an online session. Book your free session today:

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