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FAQ – Nutrition

1) I am a vegetarian. What should I do for protein?

Ans: There are a lot of options in protein for vegetarians. Please contact us on Whatsapp via “Hey Coach” to get your diet guide for more ideas on protein.


2) Can I do intermittent fasting? Is it effective?

Ans: Intermittent fasting can be effective only if you have an understanding of macronutrients and the quality of food. If you are new to training and nutrition, we would advise you to wait for 6 months, get an understanding of our nutrition methodology, and then try fasting. Check with your coach for more details specific to your case.


3) Is there a diet plan?

Ans: Yes, we provide a diet guide as a part of our PA Home program. If you are our customer and you did not receive your diet guide as soon you joined then please contact us on “Hey Coach” to get your diet guide.


4) Can I drink tea ?

Ans: We generally suggest to first focus more on your big meals during the entire day. Once you learn what a balanced meal is, you will eventually learn how to fix your drinks and beverages. 


5) Can I have snacks with tea?

Ans: Tea with or without sugar falls under the category of carb (because of milk & sugar). Snacks can be protein, vegetables or fat which is the rest of 3 important component of balanced meal. If it does not belong to any of these component mentioned above, then it would not be a good choice to make. So be creative and choose your snack smartly.


6) Should I have breakfast or skip it?

Ans: Learn to identify your hunger level. If you feel really hungry every morning then go ahead and have a balanced breakfast. If you are hungry but you can wait until lunch then have a balanced lunch. Eat when you are hungry. It doesn’t matter what you call it(‘breakfast’ or ‘lunch’).

Learn more on this topic on our Blog Here .


7) Can I skip rice in dinner, I try to eat less in the night.

Ans: As per our diet guide, you have four component in a balanced meal, Protein, vegetables, carbs and fat. You can always skip rice any time which is a carb but its important to have rest of the 3 components in your every meal. After finishing protein, vegetable and fat, if you are still feeling hungry then add any smart carbs you like, for eg. rice, chapati etc. You can follow this process for any meal for eg. breakfast, lunch or dinner.


8) I have curries with my meal, Do I need to have raw vegetables also?

Ans: The answer is Yes. Completely cooked vegetables loose good properties such as fiber, vitamins & minerals. That’s the reason in PA nutrition, we consider it as a smart carbohydrate. You have to add vegetables in your each meal separately to complete your balanced meal requirement. Now it can be raw, half cooked, stir fried or steamed vegetables. You can mix and match as per your choice or like.


9) Can you provide nutrition training in Hindi ?

Ans: Yes we can. Please reach out to us in Whatsapp via “Hey Coach” to request a customized program in other languages.


10) Should I stop taking any kind of sweet and avoid sugar completely?

Ans: Follow our diet guide, we have mentioned what kind of foods you should eat 80% of the time. Reach out to us via “Hey Coach” if you need a customized diet guide or need any further information on this.


11) How much food should I eat according to my body?

Ans: In your diet guide, if you go to the forth page, you will see hand measurements. You should start with 3 meals a day, one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner. In every meal you should have your palm size proteins, a fist size of vegetable(raw) , hand cupped of carbs and thumb size of fat or one table spoon of fat such as oil. This should be applied for your every meal daily. If you still feel hungry after eating your recommended portions, you can increase raw vegetables to 2 -3 fists. If your hungriness is still there then you can also increase the protein quantity. Eat slow and stop when you feel full. If you are over weight you need to add more veggies to loose weight. If you are looking to gain weight then increase the Carbs and Fat quantity.