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FAQs – Onboarding

1) As soon soon I pay what will I get first?

Ans: As soon as you pay, you will have access to our platform and you will be start receiving our program via Whatsapp. You will also receive your FREE diet guide and support for any of your health related queries.


2) What is briefing, warm-up, workout of the day (WOD) and cool down?


  • As a part of your daily program,  you will receive instructional video of a briefing which tells how to perform the exercise, a warm-up and cool-down routine and all the movements demo you will need to do in that day’s workout. We provide different workout levels so you can scale to your level and get the best results.
  • We also provide an example of the well-balanced meal idea so you can start making small changes in your meal to support your goal. You get a FREE diet guide from us as a part of your FREE trail.
  • If you have any questions about any program, you can reach out to us using the “Hey Coach” service from your WhatsApp. Text support is a part of your FREE trial.
  • You will need minimal space and no equipment to start with our program. Our program is delivered five days a week, and you can perform them at your convenience at home.


3) What is meal of the day (MOD) picture mean?

Ans: This picture is an example of a balanced meal. This is to give you a recipe idea for you meal. It can be applied for your lunch, dinner or breakfast. It does not have to be exactly the same but it should be a combination of protein, vegetable, smart carbohydrate and good fat. Please refer your diet guide for more information or reach out to us via “Hey Coach” if you have any further questions.


4) When will I receive my program daily?

Ans: You will receive your program daily a day before between 5pm to 7pm.


5) Where will I receive my program?

Ans: You will receive your program daily on your Whatsapp number registered with us.


6) Whom should I contact in case of any help or question ?

Ans: You can contact us on Whatsapp by just sending us the text. In case you don’t have your phone with you, you can reach out to us through our website via ‘Hey Coach’.


7) What kind of equipment would I need?

Ans: To start our home program, you don’t need any equipment. As you progress slowly, you will need couple of pairs of dumbbells, a jump rope and a box.


8) Will I get any help on my training from any trainer?

Ans: Yes. Please contact us via Hey Coach for more information.


9) Will I get any help on my diet?

Ans: Yes. Please contact us via Hey Coach for more information.