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Find the joy!


There is an inexhaustible energy source in the world. No, it’s not ice cream.


That energy source is joy.

The more you divide it and spread it around, the more it multiplies.

Today, you’re going to share your joy with someone else.


What do you love?

What is fun to you in our Coaching? (Or eating well and staying active generally.)


  • What is cool?
  • Interesting?
  • Awesome?
  • Joyful?



Whatever it is, today, you’ll share it. Here’s how.

Step 1: Think of something that brings you joy in the world of fitness and nutrition.

Step 2: Find a person who is a worthy recipient of your gift of joy.

This can be your partner, your kid, a friend, a coworker, etc. Anyone who will respond positively is fair game.

Step 3: Communicate your joy — very practically — to that person.


Some examples

For instance:


  • If there’s a sport or activity you love, invite your joy recipient to participate or at least join you at a game. Explain the rules to him or her, and share why you think this is so cool. Even if they’ve never done this activity before, find a way for them to enjoy it — play your favorite sport together.



  • If there’s a healthy recipe you think is delicious, make it for someone else. Better yet, make it together. And then give them the recipe.



  • If you’ve just managed to do your first pullup (or your first weighted pullup), bust out the bands and help someone else get started. 



  • If you have the most awesome workout song in the world, put it on someone else’s iPod for them. Then rock out together.



What if they don’t love my stuff?

Joy is contagious. It spreads like a virus.

Sure, not everyone will love your stuff as much as you do. But there’s something about true joy that is catching.

At the very least, people will be inspired by your energy.

Then they can go find their own joy.

And you’ll have shared something special.