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Focus for fitness!



Dump your distraction.


When you remove distractions and commit to ONE thing at a time, you stress less and actually end up getting more done in the long run — including getting healthier and fitter.


How do you focus?


You can learn to focus in two ways:


  1. Fix your attention on an important goal: living your priorities and values.

Remind yourself of these constantly, and refocus as necessary.


  1. Remove distractions.

This includes anything not related to your priorities and values.


Let’s look at these more closely.


  1. Fix your attention on your priorities


You already know what your general goal is — you want to be healthier and leaner.

But let’s talk about priorities. If “getting healthy, eating well, and staying active” isn’t near the top of your priority list, put it there right now.


We’ll wait. 

As we discussed a while back, your schedule should reflect your top priorities.


If it already does, great! If it needs some adjustment, do that.

Make your time match your values and what’s important in your life.


Now, attend to your top priorities.


Write out your top 3-5 priorities (again, putting good health in there) on a post-it note, and stick the note where you can see it often. Take time to read and refocus on these priorities.

Each time a proposed task or activity comes up, check the note.


Does that task fall into the priority list?


  • If yes, add it to your to-do list. Or do it now. (Remember our “five-minute ‘do it now’ exercise”.)


  • If no, consider not doing it. No waffling. No guilt. Your priorities and values make the decision for you.



  1. Eliminate distractions


Think about what are the things that suck your time and time-wasters? Time to start cutting.


This is YOUR time. YOUR priorities.


Don’t let irrelevant distractions suck your focus and energy.


The more distractions you eliminate, the better you can focus.


Remember: do ONE thing at a time.


Think of it like a “kitchen makeover” for your life.


Clear out the time-sucking activity clutter. Make it easy for yourself to focus.


Focus for fitness

Today, think about how you can focus on your priorities and values inyour journey.


How can you give your full attention to doing your habits and reading your lessons?


  • Remind yourself of your key priorities and values, which should include health and wellness.


  • What distractions could you eliminate? Pick a small distraction today and get rid of it.


  • Notice how eliminating distractions lowers your stress level. Aaahhhh…



Weekends can be full of distractions.


Try applying the “ONE thing at a time” exercise to your activities over the weekend — even if that’s just for an hour or two — and notice what happens to your focus.


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