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Our first step is to learn about your business and business processes. We do live sessions with you and/or your team to understand the tasks and document every detail. A dedicated team member will shadow the task performed so we can capture minute details about your business. VBA services include but not limited to Data entry/Data mining, social media management, administrative tasks, website management, media and production, accounting & payroll, etc.



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 Refine and Define

Once we learn about your business, we define the workflow and processes to transition your workload to our team. We carefully remove redundancies from the daily task list to optimize efficiency and output.


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Let your business run on autopilot now! Repeat the process if you want to add a new task or business process under our services as your business grows. We will monitor the workload and report as per your needs.


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Our Pricing

What will you get Basic $499/Month Plus $899/Month Enterprise $1599+/Month


40 hours /Month

90 Hours /Month

160 Hours+ /Month (Min Limit)

Priority Support


Email + Slack

Email +Slack+Call

Engagement type

Predefine Task

Predefine Task

Time & Material

Process Optimization




Customer Success Manager



Dedicated CSM


 Of course! You’ll be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will walk through the onboarding process with you and who will be the point of contact for your entire time here at PA.

All our contractors sign a Confidentiality Agreement to protect you and your business. If you would like any additional contracts, then we can discuss that. We highly recommend strong passwords and using a password manager to keep your accounts secure.

Our Virtual Assistants are available Monday-Friday however we can also work on weekends with sufficient notice in advance.

Your Virtual Assistance can be used throughout the month. We just shoot to come in at the contracted amount at the end of the month. If they go over, we simply bill the extra hours, but they do not roll over to the next month. We track and report on those during onboarding to make sure you are at a good amount of hours for the work needed.

As you place your first few requests, you’ll be asked a number of questions by our customer success manager that will help your team better get to know you. We’ll put in the initial time upfront to ensure that we fulfill your request to the best of our ability while simultaneously learning about you to make your future requests faster and more efficient.

The more you use and share with PA, the better it gets! As you use PA, the team learns your preferences and works more efficiently.

No, it is not AI. Each task is handled by a trained personal assistant.

We have in-house software to help our assistants efficiently complete tasks, store and remember your preferences, and make sure no task is dropped or a promise goes unfulfilled.

We use PayPal as our merchant service which allows us to process payment for any mode you would like to use.

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