Persistence Athletics(CrossFit PA)  Facility usage guideline


We want you and your family to stay safe while working out during this pandemic. We play an essential role in reversing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Since these diseases are a leading contributor to morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 infections, We play a vital role in combating COVID-19.


To maximize positive impact during the pandemic, we recommend that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Symptom Screening

  • Please complete a symptom and high-risk contact assessment (based on the current CDC symptoms list) daily before arriving for class.
  • If you have reserved the class and experience symptoms before coming to class time, please notify our staff before canceling the class to avoid the cancellation fee.


  • We have a CO2 monitor installed inside the facility to maintain a carbon dioxide level of 800 parts per million (ppm) or less, indicating sufficient ventilation with outside air.
  • We will do a temperature check on arrival.


  • You must make Online class reservations to ensure the class size is maintained at or below the recommended gym capacity limit for our area.

Staggered Class Times

  • The class schedule includes at least 15 to 30 minutes between classes to minimize passing exposures and allow time for equipment sanitization.

Class Size

  • The number of people in the facility at one time will be limited to the recommended gym capacity limit for our area.
  • Class size will be limited to the lower of the number of participants :
    • –>Needed to maintain physical distancing requirements,
    • –>Needed to keep CO2 levels below 800 parts per million, or
    • –>The maximum stipulated by local ordinances.


  • Physical distancing is required at all times.
  • While exercising, athletes should maintain a separation of at least 6 to 10 feet.
  • The coach does pre-class planning to ensure separation is maintained during any movements or equipment changes. Please follow the instruction from the coach and operate within the assigned area.
  • Athletes should be positioned to minimize airflow between individuals.
  • Physical contact between individuals is be discouraged.


  • Coaches and staff will wear masks at all times when indoors.
  • All athletes should wear masks when indoors, especially when outside of their designated exercise spaces. If indoor ventilation meets the 600 ppm standard, masks may be removed for exercise while maintaining separation.
  • Masks should be worn outdoors when 10 feet of separation cannot be maintained during exercise or six feet otherwise.

Bathroom and Common use

  • Only one Bathroom is available for use. Please DO NOT USE the staff bathroom without permission from staff members.
  • All common area is blocked for use. Please take staff permission to use any of the non designated areas inside the faclity.


  • All equipment should be sanitized between classes by athletes.
  • Individuals are encouraged to bring their own chalk and Jump Ropes.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand wash is required upon entry, and hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the facility for frequent use.
  • Hand sanitizer is > 60% alcohol.


  • Sanitizing wipes and paper towels will be available for high touch surfaces.
  • We use a solution that is either bleach-based, at least 70% alcohol-based, or any other EPA-approved disinfectant.


  • Signage is prominently placed throughout the facility reminding about masking, hygiene, and distancing. Floor decals should direct traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Contact Tracing

  • Names and contact numbers for all individuals entering the facility are recorded for contact tracing using wodify check-in.
  • In the event of an identified infection, all individuals who came into contact with the infected individuals will be notified and encouraged to quarantine and/or undergo testing. Timing of contact and specific policies should be determined in accordance with CDC guidelines and local health requirements.

Testing Requriment 

  • If you travel outside the WA state, you will be required to provide negative COVID test results before coming to the next class or self-quarantine for 10 Days.


Cancellation and No Show policy 


  • If you fail to show up to use your slot then you must cancel with-in 12 hours or notify the staff, a $10 cancelation fee will be applied for cancellations between 12 to two hours before class.  Cancellation two hours to no-showing will be charged a $25 fee.




COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Businesses and Workers
CDC symptoms list