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Important equipment a Sports Athlete needs to train at home!

What equipment does a sports athlete need for world-class strength and conditioning training at home?


Let’s talk about the list of equipment that a sports athlete needs to train at home. This list will help you become an elite level sports athlete by following our premium world-class Strength and Conditioning program at home. Investing in this equipment is a no brainer. Having these handy at your home will allow you to maintain your fitness routine without any hindrance.


Okay enough talking, let’s dig in into the list:


  1. Dumbbells.

You can either buy a couple of pairs of moderate to heavy-weight dumbbells or you can buy the adjustable one so that you can use it as per the workout. Buying the adjustable one would be more cost-effective if you are on a tight budget.



2. Kettlebells.

You can buy moderate to heavy-weight kettlebells. About 3 weight variations would work great.

3. Medicine ball.

You can buy moderate to heavy-weight Medball. 2 weight variations would work great.



4. A box or strong stool.

The box can be either a wooden one or made of steel with a secure 4 leg frame. You can also buy the plyo foam one based on your budget.  We recommend a box with a dimension of 20”x24”x30”. A wooden box is more efficient and cost-effective as well.



5. A bench.

You can buy an adjustable bench or just a flat bench. Here we don’t have any preference, you can choose as per your budget.

 6. A Jump rope.

Jump rope can be thicker or thinner as per your choice. We recommend a thinner rope because it’s more efficient for learning and mastering the double under.


7. Resistance bands.

We recommend you buying the resistance band in multiple sizes. A small, medium, and large size would be more suitable and useful for your workouts.



8. A Squat stand with a pair of J-hooks combined with a pull-up bar.

The stand can be similar to the picture. The dimensions can vary as per the requirement.



9. An Olympic lifting barbell.

We recommend 15 KG (35 LB) barbell for women and 20 KG (45 LB) barbell for men. If your budget allows, you can purchase a lighter barbell of 7 KG (15 LB) as well, which we call a trainers barbell. 


10. Weight lifting plates.

We recommend buying each a pair of 2.5 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, 45 lb, and 55 lb.


11. A pair of gymnastic wood rings.

This can be hanged in the pull-up bar as shown in the picture for gymnastic skill training.



12. A pair of gymnastic parallette.

Good quality material for parallette is important for its stability while working out.


13. An Ab-mat.

It is used for lower back support and for multiple skill practice. 

14. A PVC pipe.

It should be between 5-6 ft long and around 1inch thick. A wooden stick of similar specifications would also work.



The above list includes all the necessary equipment for your Strength Training at home. For your cardiovascular system training, we recommend you to arrange a place for running to start with. If your budget allows, you can invest on the below equipment for cardio sessions:

1. A Concept 2 Rower.



2. A Concept 2 Bike or an Assault Bike.  



We recommend our athletes to consult with us before making any purchases so that they spend their hard-earned money effectively on quality products.



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