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How to measure your food correctly?

How to eat the right  amount for your goals ??


There are multiple ways to help you track your intake and consistently eat right for your  goals and needs. 

You can track your calories, count your macro-nutrients, or use your hands to measure your portions (which will track and count your calories and macro-nutrients for you).


This calorie and macro counting approach tends to work best for the mathematically inclined, or folks with advanced goals looking to push their physiques to the limit.

But it’s not for everyone.


You don’t need to count calories or macros to get the right portions for your goals. Instead, just use your hand to measure. 



We use our hand as a  portion-measuring system which works well for many reasons. 

  1. Hands are portable. They come with you to work lunches, restaurants, social gatherings, and even Grandma’s house.
  2. Hands are a consistent size. This provides a consistent portion reference. 
  3. Hands are proportional to the individual. Bigger people generally need more food, and tend to have bigger hands, so therefore get larger portions. Smaller people generally need less food, and tend to have smaller hands, so therefore get smaller portions.
  4. Plus, the hand portion-measuring system provides appropriate amounts of nutrient-dense foods and their specific macro-nutrients.


Learn more about our Meal of the Day(MOD) program track in the following video.


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