“Neuroendocrine Adaptation”

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“Neuroendocrine adaptation” is a change in the body that affects you either neurologically or hormonally. Most important adaptations to exercise are in part or completely a result of a hormonal or neurological shift.


Research has shown which exercise protocols maximize neuroendocrine responses. Earlier we faulted isolation movements as being ineffectual. Now we can tell you that one of the critical elements missing from these movements is that they invoke essentially no neuroendocrine response.


Among the hormonal responses vital to athletic development are substantial increases in testosterone, insulin-like growth factor, and human growth hormone. Exercising with protocols known to elevate these hormones eerily mimics the hormonal changes sought in exogenous hormonal therapy (steroid use) with none of the deleterious effects. Exercise regimens that induce a high neuroendocrine response produce champions! Increased muscle mass and bone density are just two of many adaptive responses to exercises capable of producing a significant neuroendocrine response.


It is impossible to overstate the importance of the neuroendocrine response to exercise protocols. Heavy load weight training, short rest between sets, high heart rates, high-intensity training, and short rest intervals, though not entirely distinct components, are all associated with a high neuroendocrine response.




PA Home WOD Briefing:


3 rounds for time of:

500-m row OR 400 m run

21 push-ups

12 strict toe-to-ring OR toes-to-bar

The goal for this workout: Time cap 15 Minutes for most of the athletes.



You can scale down the workout to your ability, a good option would be to reduce the number of reps or scale down the movement.



3 rounds for time of:

200 m run OR 1 min Down & up

12 incline push-ups

12 Knees to chest


Spend 10 to 15 with a warm-up, Follow below sequence 

AMRAP 8 MInutes 

30-Second mountain climbers 

30-second Tabletop 

5 Pushups to down dog 

10 Hollow Rocks 

10 knee to chest

10 Single leg glute bridge



Spend 10 min with Cool Down, follow below sequence 

40-sec Archer Pose each side

40-sec Twisted Cross each side 

40-sec Hamstring Stretch each side 

40-sec Dragon Pose each side




This is an example of our Workout of the day of this week. We provide a DAILY Workout of the day with Warm-up and Cooldown. Our daily training programs come with a video of each section as well as a coach’s briefing to help you scale the workout appropriately to your level. 


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