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PA Athlete Testimony – “Sreeram Kumar”



Sreeram Kumar, 55 years, is a banking professional. He has been following PA Home Program for over a month now, and can immediately see his energy level staying up throughout the day. In addition, he has found a rhythm that is helping him stay on course with his health goals.


Being a diabetic since 6 yrs now, he turned his entire focus on his health after he was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease around 2 yrs back. Since then he has been mindful about his overall health and also started doing yoga, which helped him with body mobility and peace of mind. However, he still realized that his body needed more strengthening as he had suffered considerable muscle loss over these years because of his pre-existing medical condition.


Why did he decide to join Persistence Athletics Home Program?

Sreeram’s wife joined PA Home Program around a month back than him. He says – “She had tried several options to improve her overall well-being, however, after she joined the PA Home Program, I could see some perceivable improvement in her movement quality and she stopped complaining about several of chronic issues.” This made him contact PA team and he could immediately notice a different conversation taking place which did not talk about following diet chart, supplements etc.


He liked PA’s simplified approach towards a functional health which presents minimum entry barrier to people who have never done any kind of exercise. Without having to buy any equipment or changing their dietary preference drastically, this program lets them start where they are using just their body-weight or household items. It also promotes a 1% better approach when it comes to improving dietary habits.


Sreeram looks forward to continuing with the program and genuinely feels that it helps him in ways it should, and makes him feel good in addition to other mid and long term health benefits. He concludes – “Some of us may not be facing any health problem as of now because of genetic advantage, however I feel that at some point of time, everyone across all age groups should follow such functional training program to stay away from stress and resulting chronic issues.”


You can also experience our program and write your own success journey in few months.

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