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PA Foundational Program of the day: 08/22/2020

PA WOD briefing :

In Hindi :

In English :



For time
5 Rounds
6 Get Up(Turkish Get up beginner version)
6 Glute Bridge

5 Rounds
3ea Turkish GetUp – No-Load or lightweight
10 Glute Bridge

6 Rounds
3ea Turkish GetUp – Light to moderate load
10 Glute Bridge


Novice Demo :


IN&AD Demo :



1 min mountain climbers
10 knee to chest
10 Knee swings
10 Arm swings
5 Push-up to down dog
30 sec plank hold


Cool Down:

30 sec couch stretch (3 sec inhale-4 sec exhale)
2 min shoulder stretch on wall (3 sec inhale-4 sec exhale)