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New Nutrition Habit: “Eat Slowly”


Your next nutrition habit is simple but very important: “Eat slowly”



It’s so simple, you won’t believe it. But this habit really works.

Eating slowly makes everything else possible.

Over the next few weeks we’ll share why and how to eat slowly.


Here’s what to know right now.

Eating slowly is one of the two most important habits in our PA program.

(You’ll get another crucial habit in the coming weeks.)

No matter what else comes at you in our Coaching, you can always go back to simply eating slowly.

If you get off track or feel overwhelmed, or if you catch yourself rushing, don’t panic.


Simply pause.






And go back to eating slowly.

Eating slowly and mindfully is more important than:

  • what you eat
  • when you eat
  • where you eat
  • who you eat with
  • getting anything else “perfect”




That’s one freakin’ important habit!

Think of slow eating like your “anchor habit”.

Work with your nutritional level.


Play the Eat Slowly Game at the challenge level that suits YOU today.


Level 1

Keep it simple and do-able.

See if you can add 5 or even 10 minutes to each meal. (There’s your previous “5-minute action” habit.) Sit down. Savor the food. Put down your utensils and take a breath (or three) between bites.


Level 2

Challenge yourself to focus.

If you already eat slowly, try adding another level of difficulty: Eat slowly, without any distractions. No TV, no computer, no smartphone, no newspaper.


If you’re eating with people, alternate your attention between conversation and what you’re savoring.

Fully observe the taste, texture, and experience of eating.


What to do today

Learn about your new habit: Eat slowly.

Check out the habit card on your Today page to learn more.


Just be a little slower than normal.

Pause between bites. Put your utensils down. Breathe. Don’t worry about being perfect.


Try timing yourself.

You’ll then see what you’re working with.

And you can focus on adding just a little more time.


Work with your nutritional level.

If you’re a Level 1, just experiment with this new habit. Try some stuff and see what happens.

If you’re a Level 2, challenge yourself to focus. Eat without distractions.


Help yourself remember.

Whether it’s a Post-it note or a smartphone app, help yourself stay on track with your new habit.


We provide 5 meals of the day picture with the macro breakdown and above is one of them.

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