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“PA Home” Program

“The needs of our Olympic athletes and grandparents differ by degree, not kind.” – Greg Glassman


PA Home program provides you an experience of standard CrossFit® workouts which will be fun and challenging at the same time! These workouts will hep you maintain a sustainable health by working on every part of your body, and will make you self-sustainable and solution oriented no matter where you are and what resources you have. Start your true CrossFit® experience at home now!

PA Home program is designed to introduce consistency in your learning of Functional movements while adding some intensity on the way! It is a great program for anyone who is bored of traditional gym workouts and wants to get started with CrossFit®. You can start our PA Home program at home or any basic gym with minimal equipment and floor space.


We provide a DAILY Workout of the day with Warm-up and Cooldown. Our daily training programs come with a video of each section as well as a coach’s briefing to help you scale the workout appropriately to your level. Check out the video below of CrossFit_Maa doing the workout.


12-9-6 reps for time of:

Single-arm overhead squats,

left arm Single-arm overhead squats,

right arm Strict muscle-ups

♀ 45-lb. dumbbell ♂ 70-lb.



Dumbbell Scaling Option:

24-18-12 reps for time of:

Single-arm overhead squats,

DB/Object left arm Single-arm overhead squats,

DB/Object right arm DB/object Row + Dips (box/table/chair)

Score: 10 min


Our mission is to bring an affordable, accessible, and universally scalable solution for all kinds of lifestyle diseases, which affect more than a billion people worldwide. Our vision is to build a world free of lifestyle diseases for the next generation. Get in touch with us to join our programs.


If you want to learn about the PA Coaching, PA Home program or the PA Strength and Conditioning program or want to subscribe for it then click below: