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“PA Home Program” Testimony: Anjali Mishra”

Another testimony of one of our remote athletes, Anjali Mishra. She follows the “PA Home” program and is very consistent with her workouts. 

In her own words.

“This is Anjali. Today my coach asked me to share a note about my journey at PA.

However I have a lot to share, but writing a novel here won’t work, as I can’t make you all bored.

When we met almost a year back, this girl (Anjali) was completely broken and shattered due to some XYZ reasons.


Still remember the day, when we spoke for an hour and he suggested that I go for a run. My journey with PA started the same day. 


I started with 3 burpees and today, I can do 50 as well. I visited the CrossFit Banjara Hills (PA’s Training Center in Hyderabad, India) a couple of times to learn the techniques, however, online support worked best for me because of my busy schedule and workload.

I enjoy working out every day (5 days a week) with a balanced diet. Now it has become a habit for me and this quarantined tough time with Covid-19 helped me to get myself back.

There are days when I still feel low and unhappy but working out helps me keep motivated and my endorphin levels high.

My physical and mental health, both improved and I am not off track anymore towards life.

I am grateful to my coach for his support. Without his support it would not have been possible at all.

Thank you.




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