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PA Home Program “Testimony – Deepti Saxena”

Another testimony of one of our remote athletes, Deepti Saxena. She follows the “PA Home” program and is very consistent with her workouts.


In her own words:


“I’m a homemaker and a mother of two daughters (14 & 6 yrs old ). I was a former athlete but after my 12th grade, I had to quit sports as I came to know that I have got a severe heart problem in which I’m restricted to do any sports activities. 

Doctors suggested me not to do any physical workout other than a brisk walk. But I found difficulty in doing that too after having any meals.

I tried many physical training institutes/gym also but they made me do all the regular exercises (running on a treadmill , cycling, etc) which were not aligned with my health conditions and I used to get bored doing the same workout daily.

Then I came to know about CrossFit. When enquired they told me that there will be an exercise routine that is appropriate to my health condition. The best part is I can do it at home anytime as per my schedule.

I’ve been doing the exercises suggested by the PA team for almost one year and now I feel fantastic. My strength and stamina have improved a lot. Now I can do a heavy workout without getting any health problem which was once a dream for me🙂

Thank you so much to the PA team for taking my health and fitness to the next level. All the coaches are superb and dedicated to their work. Love you all🙂🙂

– Deepti Saxena”


Check out her video here:




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