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PA Home Program Testimony – “Prabha Dewangan”

A Testimony Of One Of Our Remote Athletes, Prabha Dewangan. She Is The Most Consistent Athlete Of Our “PA Home” Program.



“My name is Prabha Dewangan and I live in a very small-town called Dhamtari in the state of Chhattisgarh (India). I am a mother of 2 adults and a homemaker. I do all my household chores by myself.


I wanted to share my journey towards great health after I started the PA Home program. I was suffering from severe body pains in the lower back, hands, legs, and joints. The pain was so severe that I could not lift anything properly. I faced a lot of difficulties doing my daily household chores. I had a high thyroid level for a few years. My appetite and sleep quality had been very poor, and I used to feel tired throughout the day. Medicines and doctor visits did not help me at all.


I used to think doing all the chores by myself counts as my daily exercise until my elder sister Sandhya Dewangan told me it is not and insisted to start exercising at home. She was once in the same health situation and exercise has helped her. I was initially reluctant about that idea because I live in a joint family and do not have many places to exercise.


She insisted multiple times and I finally started doing the PA Home program at home. After 2-3 months of regularly doing it, I started seeing the effects on my overall body pain and energy levels. I started feeling more active and my energy levels went up. My body pains are eventually gone completely in a span of 5-6 months. Now I do all household chores and exercise 3-4 days a week and don’t feel tired at all.


Last month I tested my thyroid level and it shows completely normal. My appetite and sleep quality are much better now.

I would highly recommend the PA Home program to all the women who have similar issues and want to live a medicines free life”


A glimpse of her workout video:



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