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Another testimony of one of our remote athletes, Rashmi Jain. She follows the “PA One on One Home” program and is very consistent with her workouts.

In her own words:


“Apart from feeling energetic and light physically, I feel I lost a little weight, though I didn’t believe the weighing scale when it showed 3.5kgs less, until I got back into one of my old dress. There is still a long way to go. I am someone who is very lazy to exercise, but this routine has made me be on my toes, and now even if I’m not up to it, I make it a point to not miss the workout. All the lethargy just goes away and I feel fresh from the inside again.

Another experience I would like to share is when I suddenly developed a throat pain and started coughing. I started on warm water and immediately after the workout, I started feeling better. By next morning my throat infection had completely disappeared.

The diet is one major thing that is keeping me feeling light and healthy, which is eating small meals. Sharing pictures of my meal with my coach helped me understand the quality as well as the quantity of my meals. I am still working on it and I’m sure maintaining the right diet will help me being fit always, not just during the course, but it has to become a lifestyle. Because losing weight and being fit has to be forever.


-Rashmi Jain”


Check out her workout video here :




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