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“PA Home Program” Testimony: Shobhana Raizada

Another testimony of one of our remote athletes, Shobhana Raizada. She follows the “PA Home” program and is very consistent with her workouts. 


In her own words.


“My name is Shobhana Raizada and I live in Lucknow, (Uttar Pradesh). I am the mother of two young boys and a homemaker. I am diabetic and obese. I have a problem of cervical arthritis and back pain. The extent of my problem was such that I couldn’t even lift my hands straight up in the air. I face a lot of challenges in conducting my day to day house chores. 

That’s when I came into contact with Mrs Sandhya Dewangan and with her help, I slowly started doing some light exercises. I did that for a month then started following the PA Foundational(Home) Program at home. It’s been around a year now and I have experienced significant progress in my health. I can now lift my hands overhead and also see a marked reduction in my back pain.

Doctor has advised me wear belt for back pain for rest of my life but my back pain is reduced so much now that I don’t wear the belt anymore. I have seen significant progress in my knee pain also. I was not able to climb stairs but I am able to do now. I feel light and am able to do much more household work in less time as compared to earlier.”


Check out her video



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