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“Eat Less” to “Eat Some” to “Eat More” Food – Part III

Learn to make better choices without giving up the foods you love-Part III.



In the continuation of our last week’s blog about the Protein food continuum, this week we are talking about Fat food continuum.


It’s common for people to want to categorize foods as “good” or “bad.” This type of approach can make the “right” choices seem clearer. Unfortunately, it also leads to feelings of deprivation, frequently followed by guilt (once you “cheat”). Because who can be perfect all the time?


There’s both a more effective and more enjoyable way. Instead of “good” and “bad,” think of foods on a continuum from “Eat Less” to “Eat Some” to “Eat More.” This better allows for sustainable long-term change and progress. 

Think about it: With this approach, you can occasionally indulge in some of those “Eat Less” foods without guilt, knowing that—in reasonable amounts—they’re not going to set you back or ruin the progress you’ve worked so hard to make. 


Your goal is simple: Aim to progress up the continuum choosing more of the “Eat More” and “Eat Some” options, and fewer of the “Eat Less” options. Make better choices strategically and systematically, over time.


We are sharing here a list of options for you for each type of food. Every food category has been included, even ones you might not eat. So you can use this resource if you’re ever preparing meals for people with different food preferences or restrictions. Today we are talking about “Fat” and here’s what to do. 


  • Look through the food lists and refer back to the Meal Ideas page. 
  • Pick options from each category that you like or want to try.
  • Make a grocery list from those options. 
  • Plan meals based on your macros or portions, knowing you’ll have all you need.


Fat: Aim for a mix of whole-food fats (like nuts and seeds), blended whole foods (like nut butter), and pressed oils (like olive and avocado).



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