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“Are you stuck?”


Consistency high but scale needle not budging? We have something for you.



It’s not working!

Some days, it feels like you’re spinning your wheels. The harder you mash down that gas pedal, the more your tires sink into the mud.

You’re stuck.

But are you?


Consistency equals success.

Well, it equals success most of the time.


There are a few folks who kick butt in the gym and the kitchen, stick to the program, stay positive, and proactive… but don’t seem to transform their bodies dramatically.


This can happen for many reasons.

  • Some clients are close to their goal already. They might already be pretty fit and healthy, so their progress is quiet and slow.
  • Some clients aren’t with PA Coaching to change their outsides — they want to learn to improve their eating habits and get a program with structure. For them, “success” is not measured with a tape measure or calipers, but by life changes.
  • Some clients have health situations or are on medications, that make it extra-hard to lose fat, gain muscle, and/or get much fitter.
  • Some clients are as consistent as they can be… with limitations. Perhaps they’re injured and can’t exercise as intensely or as often as they’d like. Perhaps they’re working long alternating shifts in a high-stress job — they fit in workouts and proper eating wherever they can, but there’s only so much you can do when you pull an all-nighter on a busy ambulance route or in an emergency ward.
  • Some clients are so new to the process of healthy eating and regular exercise that they need a little extra time to practice habits. For them, ticking off “80% full” might mean they’re actually learning to eat to “100% full” (instead of 150%).
  • Some clients are simply looking at the wrong indicators of progress. They may be staying the same weight and girth but replacing fat with muscle (which is why we also use photos).


Whatever the reason, these few folks are nailing high consistency, but not seeing the numbers change.

This, too, is a valiant battle.

It’s hard to stay motivated and committed without these numeric rewards.

For this reason, we salute and recognize the “high consistency” today — folks who are working hard, sticking to the program and remaining enthusiastic even when the scale needle doesn’t budge.

Your consistency is high and you’re movin’ on


If you’re in the “high consistency/low numeric change” category, some advice.

  • Focus on the quality of the process. Keep acting in meaningful, purposeful ways, every day. Stay focused on doing the right things.
  • Focus on other indicators of progress. You may be making tremendous progress in other ways. (Check back to Monday’s lesson for ideas.)
  • Keep a close record of what you’re doing and eating. Periodically review it, analyze it, and look for any patterns or things that are tripping you up. (Remember this is just data for scientific examination, not a judge of your goodness or badness.)
  • Consider whether you can bump up your consistency by pushing yourself a little. Are you truly eating at 80%? Could you work a little harder in the gym? Are you moving into the zone of “difficult-difficult”?
  • Consider whether you may actually need to work less. Some clients aren’t getting results because they’re beating themselves into the ground. If you’re starving yourself and doing three hours of cardio a day along with a high-stress job, you may want to rethink your strategy.


If you are happy with your rate of change, high five yourself, and keep on truckin’.

Recognize that consistency creates success.


If you aren’t seeing much progress on the scale, or with the tape measure, look carefully at how you can improve your consistency — or push yourself a little bit.

Recognize that the process — daily actions and behaviors — is more important than the outcome.

Whatever your results, focus on what you are DOING, right now, today — not on something you can’t control.

Stay positive, proactive, and committed to moving forward.

Remember: You’re working on becoming a mental athlete too.


Your choice of mindset will shape your success.


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