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“Two crazy questions to ask yourself ?”

In order to change, you have to change.



Here are the “Two Crazy Questions”:


Question 1. What is GOOD about NOT changing?

(In other words, what are the benefits of things being the way they are now?)


Question 2. What would be BAD about changing?

(In other words, if you did change, what would you lose or have to give up?)


Here’s an example.


Let’s say your garage is messy. It’s quite annoying to have to fight your way through old sports equipment, stacks of National Geographic, and holiday ornaments just to get to your car.

But somehow you can never motivate yourself to clean it. And it’s been messy for a looong time.

Time for the “TCQ” treatment:


Question 1. What is GOOD about NOT changing?

Answer 1: Well, obviously, not cleaning the garage lets you avoid the work of digging through all that junk. Also, with the free time, you’ll save, you’ll be able to do other productive things. So it’s easy to justify NOT changing.


Question 2. What would be BAD about changing?

Answer 2: The task itself sucks. Maybe you’re allergic to dust. And maybe you feel like the job is big, tough, and time-consuming.


However, if you really think about it, something else is at stake. Maybe, for instance, you think it’s important to be thrifty and careful, just like your parents taught you. Throwing things out feels wasteful… even disloyal.


Or maybe you’d have to get rid of some things that remind you of the past. When you were younger. When your kids were younger. In essence, you’d have to decide which memories are worth keeping and which aren’t. And that’s hard — maybe even sad — work you’d rather put off until another day.


See what just happened there?

Maybe your messy garage has nothing to do with the mess at all.

Maybe you don’t want to make difficult decisions and part with memories.

Hopefully you get the idea.


By understanding what truly motivates you, you get to “notice and name” your major stumbling block.

Paradoxically, when you become aware of what’s holding you back, it’s much easier to keep moving forward.


What might be “bad” about changing?

  • You may have to change your routine.
  • You may have to confront social awkwardness.
  • You may have to find new friends… or lose the ones you have.
  • You may lose that identity… and then who will you be?


So, today, think about:

Ask yourself the Two Crazy Questions (TCQ) and see what you find out.


Give it up

Once you’ve “noticed and named” it’s time to ask yourself:

What would I be willing to give up or lose in order to move forward?

What tiny piece of the status quo could I let go of today?


Here are some options:

Could you get rid of ONE thing from the garage? (Maybe recycle some old beer bottles?)

Could you change your routine a little bit?

Could you have one slightly awkward conversation with someone at home?

Could you make a slightly healthier choice — discreetly — when going out with friends?

Could you party a little less hard (say, have one less drink)

Could you work a little bit less (say, leave the office 15 minutes earlier)?


Remember, you don’t have to revamp your life. All you have to do is move one step in the right direction because one step leads to another.


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