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PA – Nutrition Philosophy

We believe in meeting you where you are and help find what works best and sustainable for your lifestyle. What it means is that we don’t have a single nutrition philosophy. Instead, we are nutritional agnostics. We are willing to assess and make collaborative suggestions about various approaches, depending on all the particulars of an individual’s needs.


You’ve tried to get in shape and/or lose weight before.

And you may have established certain “rules” about how this stuff works.

  • Detox diet? Bring on the green juice!
  • $500 spent at Nike on sweat pants and workout gear? The credit card is still smoking.
  • Elaborate workouts with weird exercises and complex set and rep equations? Yep.
  • Hours of hamster-ing on a treadmill? The drive belt is greased and ready!


And the best part? You’re gonna cram this all into one day.

No wonder so many people find it hard to get in shape.

They run themselves into the ground by doing too much at once.


Even Sandhya Dewangan, our 2019 PN Coaching for Women winner (Best Story), thought she had it all nailed down. She was pumped and ready in January 2018 to get started on a big pile of behavior changes.

She wasn’t too happy when we wouldn’t let her do everything at once!

Her expectations, and what she actually discovered. “I expected to suffer. I expected to be hungry. I expected impossible workouts. I thought it would be a long and lonely year without any fun. And none of that was true.”

Sorry, but that’s not how we work. Because we know that’s not how you work. (Even though you may think you can handle it!)


We know from experience that to make drastic and lasting change, you need to simplify.

Master one basic habit at a time.


And as it turns out, that was the secret to Sandhya’s success too. She went on to win $1000 of prize money doing things the way she was sure wouldn’t work!

Maybe you don’t think the “one habit at a time” thing will work either.

It’s probably different from everything else you’ve tried. It’s probably not what you expected.

You might even say it’s the opposite of what you’d expect.

The Opposite Test

In an episode of the TV show Seinfeld, George decides to do the opposite of everything he usually does, because his life sucks.

When he begins to do this, his luck changes and everything begins to go his way.

Can we use the same formula for changing your nutrition habits? Yes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • Be free of obsessive calorie counting?
  • Keep your eating simple?
  • Make measurable progress?
  • Take things one easy step at a time?

And isn’t that the opposite of what you might expect to do?

So today, how about an Opposite Day of your own?

Tell us below about everything you’ve previously tried to lose weight and/or get in shape… and then how you might do the opposite.


How’s that working for you?

We have a super-scientific way of testing new diets or exercise plans:


How’s that working for you?


In other words, look at your experience as evidence.

For instance:


  • Did restrictive dieting really work for you…or create a rebound binge?
  • Did those expensive running shoes really inspire you to get moving… or gather dust in the closet?
  • Did you really get up early to hit the treadmill… or did that dream die by January 3rd?
  • Did that crazy-tough workout plan really turn you into a ninja… or are you funding your physiotherapist’s trip to Florida?


You get the idea.

We call this question process outcome-based decision making.

You decide what to do based on the results you get.

Think about it:


Are your choices giving you the results you want?


How did your previous program work out for you?

If it didn’t, it may be time to do the opposite.

Luckily, you’re already doing your own Opposite Day, just by doing PA Coaching.


What to do today:

1. Make a list of things you’ve tried to lose weight and/or get in shape in the past.

It could have been a book, a specific diet, or a workout program, hiring a trainer, going to “boot camp classes”. . . or all of the above.

Write it down below.


2. Now ask yourself, “How did that work for me?”

Take an honest look at what you tried and what happened.

Don’t be self-critical. You’re just collecting data like a scientist.

What does the evidence of your experience tell you?


3. Embrace the opposite.

If at first, you don’t succeed, try something different.


4. Play the Opposite Game.

For today’s “5-minute action” habit, try doing the opposite of something you’d normally do when trying to lose weight or get in shape.

For example, how about relaxing, having fun, being kind to yourself, and keeping things simple?


Then tick off your “5-min task” habit.

We provide 6 meals of the day picture with the macro breakdown and above is one of them.


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