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PA Testimony of Coach “Mateen Haidar”

How CrossFit helped me earn my first level in Karate, Jujitsu and Kobudo  in less than a month !



I have been practicing CrossFit for 6 yrs now and hold a Level 1 certificate. It’s been an enlightening journey – starting as a someone who used to slam heavy barbells with metal music in the background, to someone who likes to practice movements with PVC pipe and plays ambient / deep house music in the background.


CrossFit can mean many things to many people, but to me, it has become a way of life.

The core philosophy of CrossFit – “Work Capacity Across Broad Time and Modal Domain” taught me how to elevate my personal capacity across all the aspects of my life – social, professional, family, arts, entrepreneurship etc.


After all, “routine is the enemy”. @naval Ravikant says – specialization is for insects. CrossFit taught me that to truly learn CrossFit, I must strive to become better at everything “I” can (and want to).


Although I never played any sports in my life, I was always fascinated by the martial arts for its honor and integrity. So I decided to perform a litmus test of my ability to elevate myself at another thing – the Japanese martial arts (more specifically, Budo, as Japanese call it).


So I went in without any expectations, with an empty cup. I just did what I was told. After 20 days, my Sempei recommended me for a yellow belt in Karate (and 9th kyu in Jujitsu and Kobudo), and our Sensei (Dr. Brett Mayfield) provided his approval the same day.

Yellow belt in Karate and 9th kyu in Jujitsu and Kobudo is the first grade one achieves in Budo, and it usually takes 3 months to earn it.



So that’s what CrossFit is really all about – to become better at not just your PRs, but everything else in life. And this is what I want to teach others through my start-up, @persistence athletics – to become a better version of yourself across all aspects of life.


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