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PA Testimony of our Head Coach Rishabh Deshmukh!

“How I overcame my injury”


“I Rishabh Deshmukh, head coach at Persistence athletics India, graduated as an electrical engineer. I used to represent Chhattisgarh in National games as a discus thrower back in 2009-12 and won Medals for my state and school.


I had to stop my sports when I met with an accident and injured my ACL and later suffered with chikungunya, I was not ready to put so much effort and hard work AGAIN!, I did engineering and I was in fourth year when I realized that I should start practicing for my sports again and i found persistence athletics, I started my strength and conditioning with PA and I improved my performance within no time. 

One day I went off road running when I fell into a pit and injured my ACL again and that was the time I knew that it would cost me a big time but thanks to PA mindset coaching which helped me take things in a positive way and I started working as a coach under PA and I got to learn a lot of things during the recovery period as I was injured so I learned how I can train my other body parts and use that with injured athletes. 


What’s difficult part for most of the athletes is to recover from injury as physiotherapy charges are way too much for an athletes to afford and sometimes the recovery from physiotherapy takes way much longer time. But seriously a big thanks to Ravi (CEO of PA) who is sports scientist himself, who helped me with the therapy and recovery. 


I am so grateful as an athlete because it’s a big struggle to overcome injuries and PA provided me all the support and guidance I needed. Once I got into better condition, Ravi introduced me to body weight lower body exercises and after doing it for a week I started loading very moderately.

I was given complete attention and within no time I was back to my lifting numbers. The only thing which Ravi used to constantly ask me was to “trust my body”, to believe in the healing power of human body and trust me guys when you realize the healing power of human body it will lead you to wonders, the only thing you need to do it treat it in a right way, proper nutrition and how to prepare your body to release necessary hormones. PA has got all things sorted and I feel wonderful to be part of PA now. I have been provided with Tremendous knowledge and a way to learn a lot.”


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