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PA Workout for the Week

Here is the example of our Workout of the day from this week, We provide a DAILY Workout of the day with Warm-up and Cooldown. Our daily training programs come with a video of each section as well as a coach’s briefing to help you scale the workout appropriately to your level.


PA Home WOD Briefing:




Practice SLIPS for 20 minutes

Single-arm overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Alternate arms each set.



You can scale down the workout to your ability, a good option would be to reduce the number of reps/rounds or scale down the movement provided in the demo video.


Spend 10 to 15 with a warm-up, Follow below sequence

2 rounds of:


10 each leg on-spot hop

10 PVC pass-through+ Around the world+ reverse PT

10 neck circles + stretch

25-ft single-arm overhead carry OR 30 sec overhead hold per arm

10 air squats

8 Active shoulder drill

10 Toe touches (3 -sec hold at bottom)



Spend 10 min with Cool Down, follow below sequence


1 min Lat stretch on the ground

1 min neck stretch & Shoulder back stretch

1 min child pose (internal)



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