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Q: What causes joy & fulfillment? A: EDSO – Part II

It’s an age-old question …How do we find joy and fulfillment?


As it turns out, all of our positive emotions – like a physical rush, and feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and trust – are produced by these four chemicals: Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin. 


When we experience activities that are in the best interest of our surviving and thriving, our brains release these chemicals, which make us feel good. This way, we have an incentive to repeat behaviors that are in our best interest as individuals and in groups. 


No one chemical is better than the other – they each serve a specific purpose. We operate at our best when we have BALANCE across all of these chemicals.


Let’s uncover how each of them works individually and together. Today we will talk about 2 Selfishless Chemicals. This blog will also help you understand how Persistence Athletics is a platform for you to get all those chemicals daily.



The purpose: to strengthen our human bonds


When you do a great job finishing your workout and your coach appreciates you, pat your back. At this exact moment, both you and your coach get a boost of serotonin. You feel proud of yourself and at the same time, your coach feels proud of you. For the weekly dose, we have a “Challenge of the week” workout or CrossFit Open workout. To get a daily dose of this chemical, log your score with us, share your workout videos in our Facebook Group.


Now let’s take another scenario:

A team leader is faced with a challenging problem to solve. She turns to her team for help. The team comes together, works hard, and finds a solution to this complex and important problem. The team leader receives an award for solving the problem!

As she accepts the award, she gives all the credit to her team for their hard work, creativity, and problem-solving.


Serotonin reinforces the bond between leader and team, coach and player, teacher and student, parent and child.



The purpose: to encourage us to serve others. It is associated with empathy, trust, love, and relationship building.


Your progress and feel secure when you are around people who care for you and love you. You need to be part of a community that supports you and our goal is to provide that support as a PA community.


Let’s understand more about this chemical here:


Suppose you’re walking, the person in front of you drops a bunch of papers. Without hesitation, you stop and help. As a result of helping someone else, you and the person you’ve helped get a boost of oxytocin. It makes you both feel good.



Oxytocin is contagious. As it turns out, simply witnessing an act of kindness provides a boost of oxytocin. Someone who witnesses an act of kindness is more likely to do something good for someone else.

Oxytocin is also released by…


  • Human contact, like a handshake, 
  • high-five or a hug.
  • Giving of our time and energy, expecting nothing in return… like volunteering for a charity, rather than simply writing a cheque.
  • Sending a hand-written letter instead of sending an email.


Oxytocin makes us more generous, healthier, more helpful, and creative.


To be continued……



Inspired by the book “Leaders Eat Last” by Simen Sinek.

EDSO in action: Designed by Benno Bos

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