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Q: What causes joy & fulfillment? A: EDSO – Part I

It’s an age-old question …How do we find joy and fulfillment?


As it turns out, all of our positive emotions – like a physical rush, and feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and trust – are produced by these four chemicals: Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin. 


When we experience activities that are in the best interest of our surviving and thriving, our brains release these chemicals, which make us feel good. This way, we have an incentive to repeat behaviors that are in our best interest as individuals and in groups. 


No one chemical is better than the other – they each serve a specific purpose. We operate at our best when we have BALANCE across all of these chemicals.


Let’s uncover how each of them works individually and together. Today we will talk about 2 Selfish Chemicals, and the rest two next week. This blog will also help you understand how Persistence Athletics is a platform for you to get all those chemicals daily.



The purpose: to mask physical pain


When you work out and push your limits, have you noticed your body goes through the pain? Your muscle starts to hurt. During that time, your brain releases the chemical Endorphin to mask that pain so that you can keep going.


Endorphins are also released by … laughing. If you think of what is happening to our bodies when we laugh, all of our muscles and internal organs are convulsing and hitting against each other. At the point where laughing starts to hurt, your endorphins have run out. 


The purpose: to help us reach our goals

When you set long-term, short-term, and daily goals to achieve along the way. For example, We give you a goal for a workout with your daily program, habit goal for nutrition, etc.

As you progress, you reach a milestone, moving you closer to accomplishing your goal. Your brain gives you a little shot of dopamine to keep you motivated and focused. 


At last, you reach your goal. As a reward, your brain releases a big shot of dopamine. You feel accomplished!


Dopamine comes with a warning label … It is highly, highly addictive.

Dopamine helps us stay focused on our goals. However, we can get addicted to dopamine, causing us to be distracted.


To be continued……


Inspired by the book “Leaders Eat Last” by Simen Sinek.

EDSO in action: Designed by Benno Bos

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