PA Testimonials (1)

Anant Mittal

PA is my 3rd gym in Seattle Downtown, and it will be a tough challenge for any other gym to compete with this one.

Easily one of the most inclusive gyms, it doesn’t matter where your current fitness levels stand; Ravi, Jacqui, and AJ will modify the workout plans and ensure you’re getting fitter while paying attention to your form.

The trainers think long-term, which helps them push you if you’re taking things easy or ask you to chill if you’re overconfident. The focus is always on not getting injured yet consistently pushing yourself. They will help you build skills and train across Olympic lifting, strength workouts, hypertrophy, and conditioning. You will improve overall mobility and become stronger. And it never gets boring because they continuously alter workout routines for more coverage.

The sense of community is strong; besides the trainers, people will cheer you, motivate you, try to be friends, and ensure you’re having a good time when you enter the premises.