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Julia Roberts

I love this gym more than I thought would be possible for me. I have always thought of working out as a chore but the owners, coaches, and community of PA make workouts something I genuinely look forward to. Here’s my list of all the reasons I love it

  1. The encouragement I get. I love making the coaches proud of me and hearing them say “nice form” or “good job”. The positive reinforcement makes me work harder
  2. The diversity- all types of it. There isn’t any type of person that won’t fit in here. (well except if you have a bad attitude) All body types work out here and the coaches are very accommodating for beginners.
  3. The coaching I get to improve my form and skills. I really love the focus and practicing on correct form that is a part of every workout.
  4. I can leave my water bottle and shoes in a cubby at the gym which is a nice convenience for me.
  5. The variety of workouts makes every day at the gym exciting.