Testimonial (13)

Nithish Kolli

I have been going to persistence athletics since 6 months and I am in the best shape of my life. I joined here to start a healthy lifestyle, improve mobility, fitness and it has helped me with exactly that. Ravi and Jacqueline are highly certified trainers, with a deep understanding of human anatomy and workouts.

The gym has an amazing community, group sessions are fun. The coaches will be correcting your form and helping you improve during the group sessions, so you can be relaxed knowing that you are not going injure yourself doing a workout in wrong form. You also get personalized variations in workout based on your prev experience and limitations.

CrossFit training is designed to improve your overall fitness by focusing on strength, conditioning, balance and co-ordination. I have improved a lot of leg strength, balance and co-ordination. Ravi is very passionate about CrossFit and spreading awareness about importance of fitness. I am sold and will try to continue doing CrossFit.