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Testimony from PA Home Program Athlete: Dr. Vijetha Badami


Dr. Vijetha is a Dentist and is a professor in dental college. She is 40 years old and lives in Hyderabad, India. Here is her testimony in her own words:


I started the PA Home program in March 2020 and now follow it regularly 3-5 days a week from October 2020. I was doing yoga for 6-8 months before starting the PA Home program.


I had chronic back pain since I was 27yrs old and also developed Cervical spondylosis 2 yrs back. I started doing a few Yoga Asana consistently which gave me relief from pain. However, the strength was missing and the pain kept coming back every time I did strenuous work like standing for long hours at home or at work.


After starting the PA Home program, the strengthening was starkly evident.

Other than the strengthening of my back, the other immediate change I could feel was feeling more energetic and saw an increase in stamina to do daily activities.

Earlier whenever I did any work, I was always conscious not to put any strain on the back and usually avoided such activities. I had to do back stretching every time I did strenuous activities to avoid back pain.


After starting the PA Home program, I don’t need to do so much stretching and the back feels much stronger now.


New Movements I learned:

Single unders

Box jump

Clean and jerk

Favorite exercise – deadlift

Current deadlift PR – 50kg


My goal – Reaching bodyweight Deadlift (62kg) by my birthday on 31st March 2021.


Another goal: I want to participate in Devil’s circuit race.

I asked many people but was discouraged because of my fitness level. Now I don’t need to ask anyone and I will go on my own.


People took attention to my 50kg deadlift the most. They also ask me, what I have been doing, “you’re looking quite lean and fit”. They think that I am going to the gym daily and doing hard workouts and lifting weight whereas the fact is that I am mostly doing home workouts only 3-5 days a week for 30-40 mins, and goes to the community gym when the workouts have any movement that cannot be performed at home.


“Being a dentist, we’re more prone to back strain because of the posture we need to maintain while performing our work.” When I suffered a severe back pain attack, the orthopedics advised me to wear a belt and undergo physiotherapy. However, I observed that their approach was focused on symptoms instead of the root cause of the problem. Their solution looked only at providing relief from the pain and not much thought was given to back strengthening. Physiotherapy did not work for me at all. Yoga helped me rather whenever there was back pain.


“The strengthening experience in the last 4-5 months is just amazing!”

It was programmed into my mind by doctors and people around, that I can never lift weights because of back pain to the extent that one ortho advised, “don’t ever think of traveling by bus”. I want to track that doctor and show her a 50kg deadlift.


“Even people in the family, who are generally active in fitness, do not realize the importance of strengthening”.They question me about the need to lift so much weight


I strongly feel that even if the orthopedics do not know what exercises one should follow, they should be able to prescribe them a program like this which will strengthen and condition their body.

Currently, they do prescribe physiotherapy, however, that only helps momentarily in relieving pain, and there are no long-term solutions either post physiotherapy sessions.

With this training, I could make out that it is not the workout that causes the pain, doing it the wrong way is the culprit.

An anecdote – one colleague who works for long hours got motivated after seeing me and started working on his own by seeing youtube videos. A few days later he complained of knee and back pain and stopped the workouts because of that, and my immediate reaction was that your form must have been wrong because functional movements performed in the right way will never cause injury.


With the right form, I am now comfortable with doing box jumps and single unders without having to worry about knee or back pain. I can do 400 single unders in a workout with no knee or back pain.


Earlier during traveling, I had to rely on someone else to lift the baggage to put it overhead. Now I have gained the confidence of lifting weights from the ground and putting it overhead as well.


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