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The five-push-up principle!


The first rule of the Five-Push-up Principle: Don’t talk about the Five-Push-up Principle.


From today forward, being self-critical or saying mean things to yourself means you do five push-ups. (Wall push-ups are fine if you’re just learning.)

  • Saying “I’m a wimp”? 5 push-ups.
  • Saying, “I suck at this”? 5 push-ups.
  • Saying, “I’m never going to figure this out”? 5 push-ups.
  • Saying, “This is probably a stupid question but . . . ”? 5 push-ups.

You get the idea.


Of course, the goal here isn’t to turn you into a push-up machine (though that would be cool).

Rather, it’s to call out self-defeating thoughts and statements.

We’re noticing and naming . . . and then dropping to crank out some reps if need be.

The pushups aren’t for punishment. (‘Cause pushups turn you into a badass.)

They just help you notice and name, then “reboot” your brain.

Consider yourself warned. (And give yourself a hug afterward.)


Mental skill 1: Commitment

Today’s Mental Ninja Camp training: Commitment.

Commitment is saying: I WILL do this.

When you commit to something, your involvement is non-negotiable.


You commit to doing what matters.

You do your habits.

You do the essential behaviors that you know are getting you where you want to go.


You commit to confronting your challenges.

You keep going even when you face setbacks. You persist in the face of fears and obstacles. You face the difficult-difficult.

You’re in this for the long haul.


You commit to yourself.

While getting healthier and fitter might also benefit the people around you (such as your family), you’re also here for YOU.


Today: Refresh your commitment

Today, renew your commitment to the PA Coaching program.

Go back to your 3 Habits and make them a priority.


Finish today strong.

And get ready for some positive self-talk tomorrow.

Who knows . . . if you practice those mental skills, maybe you could end up as a fighter pilot too! (It’s good to be prepared.)


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