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This week’s challenge: Air Squats and Burpees

Hey people! It’s time to step into some mixed-modality challenge!

Wait, what the heck is that?!


Alright alright. So far you have attempted challenges involving single movement in the 1 and 3 min time domain. That was fun, and a good start. Right?


However, life is not always going to challenge you with a single movement. It will most likely give you a mixed bag of challenges, demanding your work capacity across broad time and modal domain.


So, our new challenge series is going to focus on mixed modal workout in 3 min time domain.





For this week, it is going to be the following:

Perform As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) in 3 Mins
3 Air Squat
3 Burpee


You would need to log the total reps. You will be ranked based on your rep count. 

You can try as many times as you wish to find the best score you will get with different attempts. Use this link to log your score: Score Login 


As one of our core values is to practice 1% better everyday mindset and we run weekly challenges for our PA community to practice the same. Our  WEEKLY challenge helps to test the work capacity across broad time and modal domain.


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