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How to “Live like a leader”

Leaders inspire us to be better. How can you become a leader?



What is a leader? Humans have asked this question for millennia.


A leader isn’t someone who dominates with bluster and force. A leader isn’t a bully nor a boss. A leader isn’t necessarily the loudest voice in the choir.


A leader is — quite simply — someone who inspires others to be better.


Leaders show us the path, often by stumbling along with it themselves.

Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn than when they teach.

—Rosabeth Moss Kantor


What makes our coaching Leader? Lots of things.


PA Leaders take action. Decisively. Consistently.

PA Leaders help others. They know that success is not a finite pool, and they pull others up as they climb.

  • Leaders aren’t trying to be anyone other than themselvestheir best selves. They don’t fret about “following the herd” or measuring up to some imaginary ideal. They keep it real.
  • Leaders stay focused. They don’t get distracted by “wonder and worry” or detours from the PN Coaching path.
  • Leaders see the big picture. They don’t get bogged down in small daily details. They keep forging ahead, one habit, and action at a time.
  • Leaders focus on behaviors, not outcomes, and help others do the same. Leaders know that the quality of the journey — for everyone — is what truly matters.
  • Leaders live with integrity. They live their values and principles, honestly and authentically. They don’t say one thing and do something else.
  • Leaders lead by learning. They’re not afraid to make mistakes or fall down — even in front of other people. They suck it up, dust themselves off, and keep marching forward.


I wanna be a leader too!

Some leaders are born. But most are made through experience and practice.


If you want to develop your own leadership abilities, start acting like a leader in small daily ways. (Even if you don’t feel like a leader just yet!)


Review the checklist above and ask yourself:


How can I practice the actions that build a strong leader?


Pick one characteristic of a PA Leader from the list, and make it into a concrete daily action that you can do right now, today, and every day until you get the hang of it.


Once you’ve mastered that first step, add another leadership habit.


For instance, let’s say you want to work on your integrity — walking the walk. Living authentically.


How could you start living that right now?


Well, one obvious way is to improve your consistency and habit quality. Look for small ways in which you could make more purposeful and mindful choices.


For example:


  • Write yourself a few post-it notes with reminders for whatever you’re currently working on. Stick those notes up where you’ll see them several times daily.
  • Schedule a “focusing ritual” once a day, or during your workout, where you review your key priorities and resolve to stay on track with them.
  • Do a “distraction makeover” just like your “kitchen makeover”, where you try to get rid of anything in your environment that distracts you from focusing on your goal.


You get the idea.


Leadership is built out of purposeful, meaningful actions.

You too can be a leader — start now and work on it!

“Pursuing excellence for the benefit of others.”

— Slogan of Revolutionary Fitness


Review the list of leadership characteristics.

Many qualities and actions make someone a PA Leader.

Most of these, you can practice and learn. Starting now. If you want.


Consider what YOU think makes a good leader.

Capture that.


Live like a leader.

If you want to develop your leadership abilities, pick ONE small daily action that moves you closer to that.

Remember that inspiring and helping others is a big part of leadership. Even if you don’t ever want to “be the boss”, being of service to humanity is a pretty valuable goal.



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