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Train for life : FREE Trial

Workout at home with PA Athletes



  • Experience our world-class training & nutrition program at home
  • Coaching from CrossFit Trainers & Certified Nutritionist.
  • All of your health needs delivered directly to you via WhatsApp.
  • Start your 2-week FREE trial now!



How it works:


Unique Approach To Sustainable Health:


You need a sustainable nutrition and exercise plan with daily guidance and coaching to stay healthy at home. After signing up:

  • Receive our Training and Nutrition program daily on your WhatsApp.
  • The Training program will include Instructional Videos explaining how to do the workout.
  • The Nutrition program will include an example of a Balanced Meal, which will help you in making small changes to your food to support your nutrition goals.
  • OnDemand Coaching support for all your training and nutrition-related queries.
  • FREE Diet Guide & Nutrition content.



Accessible Platform:


We use a single platform WhatsApp to provide you daily coaching, support, and guidance which means you don’t have to download any new app or remember to log in.

  • We are just a WhatsApp message away for any of your health needs!
  • OnDemand Live Training and Nutrition session using WhatsApp Video Call. 
  • Access to Hey Coach – your one-stop health assistant.


World-Class Coaching:


We have a team of very experienced trainers and coaches who have transformed many lives, and you can be one of them. We bring world-class coaching and training to you for a fraction of the cost and at your convenience at home.

  • Online one-on-one and group sessions.
  • Personalized nutrition coaching
  • We are making health Accessible, Affordable & Scalable so you can be healthy wherever you are and with whatever resource you have.
  • Start your 15 Days FREE trial and chat with our staff to determine the best plan for your goal.


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