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Testimony: Our PA Home Athlete – Sandhya Dewangan

I am Sandhya and live in a small town called Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. I am 52 years old and a homemaker. I started the PA program as I wanted to improve my health parameters. It looked like this when I stared:

  1. – I was suffering from chronic lower body pain for 8-10 years and was under medication.
  2. – High thyroid issue for 10 years and was under medication.
  3. – Diabetes for 5 years and was under medication.
  4. – Regular stomach pain after eating a meal for 3-5 years. I took a lot of medicines for this problem, but it did not make any difference. Eventually, I wanted to give up learning to live with that pain.
  5. – Irregular sleep patterns.
  6. – Very low energy levels throughout the day. Always feeling weak and fatigued.
  7. – My starting body weight was 65kgs, and my girth was 197 inches.

I had other challenges, for example

  • – I do not drive just like most homemakers from rural India.
  • – For that reason, I do not go out for any physical activity and shopping regularly.
  • – I mostly stick to a vegetarian diet.

Despite all the above challenges, I was very excited and motivated to start the PA program. I thought if I cannot change things that are not in my control, I can at least do something about my health with whatever resources I have at home. With the help of my daughter, I ordered a few dumbbells, resistance bands, and a barbell. I did all my workouts at home since June 2018 till today. I am very happy and proud that in the past year, I was able to overcome all those challenges and get into the best health I ever wanted. I achieved all these by following a vegetarian diet with regular exercise. I proved it to myself that all kinds of lifestyle diseases can be cured by changing lifestyle.

My present health markers are

  1. – My thyroid level is extremely normal now.
  2. – My diabetes (ranging between 105-115) is normal now.
  3. – I absolutely have no chronic body pain.
  4. – My appetite is completely normal. I figured out that I have food intolerances (Thanks to PN program)from gluten, egg, almond, banana, clarified butter (Ghee), and milk. By avoiding all these foods, I have no stomach pain now.
  5. – My sleep cycle is completely regular, and my energy level has tremendously gone up. Also, I do not feel weak or fatigued anymore.
  6. – My bodyweight is now 54 kg (lost 11kgs) and girth 160 inches (lost total 37 inches).
  7. – I have switched from PA 1 on 1 program to a home-version program ($14.99/per month).

Above all, most importantly, I successfully got off, all kinds of medication. I feel incredibly positive now, and I love sharing my journey of success with my friends and family (Follow youtube and IG accounts to see the daily workouts). Currently, I am privileged to help 10 other women (mostly stay-at-home moms) to do the same remotely.

PS: Story is translated in English by the PA team.