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Weekly challenge “Max Burpees in 1 min” – 05/04/2020

We provide a WEEKLY challenge for the week to test the work capacity across broad time and modal domain. We use the challenge of the week to practice a 1% better mindset. This week’s challenge is – Max Burpees in 1 min.

Before performing this challenge make sure you watch the briefing video:

Choose your variation of burpee from the demo video:

Since you are moving your body throughout the movement, you will log your body weight as a Load, Reps and your Hight for this challenge. You will be ranked based on your power output. 

Your average power output will be = (Load*Distance)xReps / 60 sec

You can try as many times as you wish to find the best score you will get with different attempts. Use this link to log your score: Score Login 

You can start your FREE 14 days trial and experience our PA home program by filling up the form: Link