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Weekly challenge “Max Deadlift in 1 min” – 04/27/2020

Increasing work capacity across broad time and the modal domain will lead to world-class fitness. The same work capacity can also safeguard you against Chronic Disease.

Explaining the concept is easy when we are teaching it to new trainers, but For a long time, We struggled to explain the idea to the general population like  @crossfit_maa . We needed an easy way to teach this concept to my mom so she can teach others.

So we started a simple 60-sec weekly challenge where we test work capacity across different movements such as air squats, lunges, burpee, etc. Last week was moving an object from ground to overhead! Here is the example of last week’s challenge where all of our athletes did max reps ground to overhead!

This week, we are testing how much load you can move from the ground. You will log Load, Reps, and Hight displacement of the load for this challenge. You will be ranked based on your power output. 



Your average power output will be = (Load*Distance)xReps / 60 sec

You can try as many times as you wish to find the best score you will get with different loads. Use below link to log your score : Score Login 

Take a look at our last week’s challenge from PA community – Max Reps of Ground to Overhead in 60 sec.


Here is the leader-board from last week:

You can join our community and program at : PA Home Program