PA Personal Plan


This program is for you if you are

Looking for an at-home solution to your lifestyle-related chronic issues (diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, hypertension, obesity, etc.) and need a more personalized solution that fits your personal and professional commitments, OR

Trying to become a better athlete and looking for a personalized Strength and Conditioning program to improve your athletic performance.

Program Features

CrossFit® + Precision Nutrition®-

We are using world-class education and resources developed by CrossFit Inc and Precision Nutrition to build an affordable, accessible, and scalable solution for the population of all ages.

100% Remote and Customized-

– A program designed around your lifestyle and professional commitments.
– Have the freedom to follow the program at your own convenient time and place.
– Access the program from your phone/tablet/computer remotely.

Dedicated Coach-

– Learn movement mechanics the right way with the help of an expert CrossFit® trainer.
– Learn how to build the habit of eating balanced food and living better through one of our nutrition coaches.
– Keep yourself motivated with the help of a dedicated coach, who is there to give you the much needed extra push to move – towards your fitness and health goals.

Adaptive and Scalable-

Be it the training needs of a grandparent or an Olympic level athlete, our program inherits the adaptive and scalable attributes of CrossFit, thus becoming a tool that works for you the way you want it to be.

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