Trainer's Internship Program


Who should join this program?

  • Are you passionate about coaching and want to become a CrossFit trainer?
  • Do you want to learn what it takes to coach people in person or remotely?
  • Are you passionate about Sports Performance and want to pursue Sports Strength & Conditioning full time?
  • Do you want to gain insight into the cure for Chronic Disease epidemic?

Program Features

Expert Staff

You will be coached & mentored by and have the opportunity to work directly with Persistence Athletics experienced staff.

Progressive Course Design

This course is divided into different progressive modules. You transition to next module only after you have completed the previous one successfully. This ensures your focus is targeted and prepares you for the next module.

100% Remote

  • – Have the freedom to do the course at your own pace.
  • – Access the modules from your phone / tablet / computer remotely.
  • – Submitting notes and videos of you writing and practical assignments remotely.

Affordable, Accessible and Scalable

With pay-as-you-go structure, you have the option to sign up for one module at a time, and go to the next one per your convenience, making it affordable, accessible as well as scalable for any population.

Program Roadmap

Continuous Feedback One on One Mentorship and feedback

Progressive Assignments
Every module has Reading, Writing, Practice and Video assignments, resulting in a holistic learning experience. You also get to learn and perform various programs for a different population.

Agile Approach 4 Modules and 8 Weeks total

4 Modules / 8 Weeks
The entire course is divided into 4 modules covering the entire spectrum of fundamental functional movement concepts. The 8 weeks of assignments consist of entire Foundational and On-Ramp workouts.

Flexible Pricing Pay for each module as you progress

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
You have the option to either pay for the entire course in one go or pay for each module as you progress. You can transition to the next course by obtaining a CF-L2 credential.


Trainer's Internship Program - $100 / module

Trainer's Internship Program - $350 for the entire course

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