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What we really lack is “clarity”

“ Many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity”
-Atomic Habits (James Clear)


It is not always obvious when and where to take action. Some people spend their lives waiting for the time to be right to make an improvement.


People who make a specific plan for when and where they will perform a new habit are more likely to follow through. We tell ourselves, “I am going to eat healthier” or “ I will show up for my workout classes more regularly” but we never say when and where these habits are going to happen. But there is an easy and proven way to fix this or we’ll rather say break this pattern.


Next time try to say this “I will show up for my workout class on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE].” Lets try with more clarity- “I will show up for my workout class on Monday at 8 am with my coach at my home.” 


It will be easier to build a habit if you start making a to-do list or booking your activities in your calendar. Give your habits time and space to live in the world. The goal is to make time and location so obvious that, with enough repetition, you get an urge to do the right thing at the right time, even if you can’t say why.


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