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Why coaching with Persistence Athletics is different and unique ?


How does coaching with persistence athletics work? 


 The dictionary definition of coaching is: “a form of development in which a person supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.” Coaching is the critical component for fast progress and the best results with any program. Most instructors can walk you through a program. However, coaching is about finely guiding your efforts to maximize your potential so you can become the most capable person you can be.  


At Persistence Athletics, we follow a three-step progression with every athlete. Although these are the specific terms we use to establish our program design, the core concepts describe what every successful coach uses.  




Coaching begins with a purpose: This objective may be recovering from a chronic injury, losing weight, or improving your baseline level of fitness, but every coach must start with assessing an athlete’s abilities and mindset. After evaluating your fitness and mindset, excellent coaches can personally design a program you are able to complete successfully. When you successfully complete a program, you elevate self-belief, helping you identify your own potential.

Coaching is focused on character building: If your coach can create a mindset where you believe in your own ability to work, you can tap into a higher potential than you first realized. Your initial motivation will also be a foundational long-term goal you consistently return to keep you consistent. For instance, you may want to complete your first marathon or strict pullup, rehab an injury, compete with your sport, feel great after you eat, or keep up with your kids as you get older. These goals are your purpose for training.

Excellent coaching must design your program specifically around your goals because you will keep coming back to them for motivation. Your coach also needs to put you out of your comfort zone. This is the ideal condition for physiological adaptation and growth, and your purpose (or ‘why statement’) helps you stay focused and inspired throughout the process.  




A proper roadmap, or your game plan, is the key to long-term success. Coaches make your goal-setting easy by giving you small steps to reach along the way. Our training philosophy includes balancing various elements in your life to put your health first. Moving to the next level of performance requires character growth and discipline; for example, adequate sleep is critical for recovery, and a positive mindset is necessary to accomplish all the work in your programming.

Your coach must believe in developing regular ‘rituals’ to support balance in your life, and will frequently recommend specific learning materials for clients to study. Finally, coaches individualize your program to address your weaknesses. We personally review athlete videos to analyze performance, provide movement education, and track weekly improvements and review your goals and performance to provide critical feedback. Your coach may take a different approach, but providing individual observation, feedback, and learning strategies is a key factor in developed vs. underdeveloped coaches.  




 A breakthrough occurs by conditioning your mind every day. Your body’s form follows function and will change over time (i.e., spend hours each week squatting deeper and heavier, and you will be able to squat properly, and vice versa).

Unfortunately, the reality is that the time frame is often years longer than we want, requiring mental discipline, community support, and constant motivation to reach. The breakthrough may occur months or years after you begin your journey but only happens with a constant support system.

Your coach should move from basic instruction and technical expertise to a source of inspiration and motivation for you. Whether a beginner or elite athlete, everyone will hit roadblocks along the way. You may face a minor injury, slide into an easy lifestyle and grow tired of the process, or simply want to quit entirely. Great coaching offers more than technical knowledge and fitness instruction. Excellent coaches inspire you to break past your own barriers, become a more confident person, and be and do more than you ever thought you could.

So coaching will benefit me, but what does it actually look like? It should be no secret that there are many fantastic programs out there. From nutrition to sports specific training programs, there are volumes of excellent choices. But how do you benefit from having your own personal coach? Aside from, perhaps, clear perks, we believe your greatest benefit is how personal coaching can impact the way you think. We believe in establishing constant, positive feedback to keep you loving your training and pursuing fitness out of love for the lifestyle. Additionally, personal coaching provides direct accountability and focused guidance so you have no question about what you should do.  


Persistence Athletics Coaching  


PA provides a goal-oriented approach to give you satisfaction along the way, knowing you are reaching a collection of smaller goals in your objective to reach your primary goal. Because our coaching team genuinely cares about your wellbeing, we pride ourselves in an unbeatable sense of accountability where athletes become self-sufficient in their desire to succeed and inspire others.

Our goal is to provide all the necessary tools you need to succeed, but we believe having such tools begins with shifting our mindset. As coaches, we do not judge our athlete’s potential; instead, we work with athletes to develop a positive mindset and a belief in self-achievement. Look for coaches that inspire you to be the best of yourself.  



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