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Do Squats Work Your Hamstrings and Calves?




Do squats work your hamstrings and calves? This is a question many gym-goers have asked. Squats are a popular exercise for building leg strength, but many people don’t know if they can target specific muscles in the legs. In this blog post, we’ll explore how squats affect the hamstrings and calves and whether they can be used to target these muscles.


Hamstring Activation


The hamstrings are a group of three muscles that run down the back of the thigh. Squats can be effective for targeting the hamstrings, depending on the form used. A deep squat with the feet close together and the torso leaning forwards will recruit the hamstrings more than a shallow squat with the feet wide apart and the torso upright.


Calf Activation


The calves are made up of two muscles that run down the lower leg. Squats don’t do a great job of targeting the calves, as the range of motion is relatively small and the calves don’t get much of a workout. However, squats can help strengthen the calves if they are performed with the toes slightly pointed outwards.




In conclusion, squats can be effective for targeting the hamstrings, depending on the form used. However, they are not great for targeting the calves, but they can help strengthen them if performed with the toes pointing outwards. Ultimately, squats are a great exercise for building leg strength and can be used to target the hamstrings, but may not be the best option for targeting the calves.